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I love to document everything I learn — my approach is to retain only key minimal pieces of information in my head and refer back to my documentation to rejig that knowledge! Don’t try to fill that brain of yours with everything… keep it fresh and always thinking not storing! 🙂

My thirst for knowledge and recording everything I learnt along the way began (a long time ago) when I discovered how to use a Macintosh Plus!

It started out with recording notes in a notepad with pen! Then a text editor on the computer — WOW — but this had it’s pitfalls, firstly it wasn’t the best way to organise information, nor searching it!

Fast forward many years later, my first home server running Apache/PHP + a new found love with DokuWiki — my very own wiki!! incredible — finally I had a way to organise all this information so easily… and even have history of all the revisions I make!

My way of documenting things range from just links/references to other articles, blurbs on a topic, how-to, tips, etc — all the way through run sheets — my point is, there is no format to this. Just record, record, record! It’s also a great way to see what things you’ve learnt and covered over the years!


I was recently showing a friend my internal wiki and he suggested I should publish things from it! It had crossed my mind before, however… I never had a platform to do such a thing until now!

So without further ado! watch my blog as I intend to share bits and pieces of things that I learn or am in the process of learning!

Hopefully it may make somebody’s day! 🙂

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